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AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: "My Generation": Youth Culture in the Advanced German Curriculum

  • 20 Nov 2015
  • 5:40 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Conv Center 28D

Brigitte Rossbacher, U of Georgia

"My Generation": Youth Culture in the Advanced German Curriculum



Advanced language courses in the core curriculum are notoriously difficult to teach-while the courses are topically oriented, students still work systematically on grammar and vocabulary. This presentation describes a sixth-semester (intermediate/language) university language course organized around the topic of youth culture and young people's lives and argues that a cross-cultural focus on the learners' generation can increase learner motivation and engagement. The course described worked with current German news, the television series Türkisch für Ausländer, and the best-selling youth novel Tschick. The presentation outlines the overall design of the course and describes specific tasks. Participants will receive templates focused on how to integrate course design to create significant learning experiences. They will have the opportunity to reflect on the goals of intermediate/advanced German language courses and be provided with specific examples of how those goals can be met. 

Planning for the learner


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5:40:00 PM

6:00:00 PM


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